Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 036: Every Breath Is A Miracle - Matthew McSpadden
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Every Breath Is A Miracle

Matthew McSpadden is a husband, a new dad, and a teacher that has overcome grief. Thanks to a strong support network he got a do-over. He had a stroke, went through a divorce, and his older brother died before his 30th birthday. Grief can take so many different paths – from depression, to loneliness, to anger.. he considered giving up many times. Matthew provides valuable information through real stories with experts and grief survivors every on his podcast, Do Over Life as well as coaching one on one coaching for those who are experiencing grief.

On today’s episode we discuss:

  • Difficult moments of Matthew’s life
  • How Matthew found the positive through all that he went through
  • How Matthew now chooses positivity when he faces all situations in life
  • His practice of journaling on gratitude and seeking small wins each and every morning
  • Faith and what that meant to Matthew before and after the difficult times
  • He has realized that he can now spread a message of hope to others through his life story

A bunch of small wins = a big win

“I realized that every breath is.. quite literally a miracle” – Matthew McSpadden

Tomorrow Matthew shares more inspiration and we talk about his podcast Do Over Life as well – stay tuned!!

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