Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 027 - Gratitude In Everything You Do - Michael Unks
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Gratitude In Everything You Do.

Michael Unks the author of One Month Willpower: A Simple System For Life-Changing Transformation, shows others how they can live incredible, fulfilling lives and reach their potential. Michael graduated from the South Carolina College of Pharmacy in May 2015 at the age of 24. He dramatically changed his outlook in his last year of pharmacy school with help from his teacher, Will:

An introduction to the teachings of Zig Ziggler.

So excited to have Michael back! Today we touch on:

Gratitude: faith in god, health, family, friends, opportunities

Michael dropped this amazing moment of gratitude that blew me away!

“wow right now I’m looking at this glass of water, I was about to drink it, but before i did it, I thought, there’s someone across the world that has the same glass like this, but they’re wondering if it will kill them, because it will give them severe diarrhea because of these parasites”

Wherever you are in the world, if you have clean water, have you had that same thought? I know I haven’t on a regular basis. Think about the last time you were frustrated that there was nothing to drink in your home except water. It’s so easy to take something so simple for granted.

On Authorship: When he wrote his first book, One Month Willpower it happened very fast, right around the time when his teacher introduced him to Zig Ziggler’s teachings. He started writing the book eight months later. He wanted the change so BAD that the information was pouring out on the paper. he relived the month he spent with his teacher and replayed the conversations so many times that it was CRYSTAL clear.

Believe it or not, he started writing the book at 12:31AM the night before his pharmacy licensing exam. He wrote furiously for three hours and knew that even though it was the most inconvenient time, it was something he had to take immediate action on.

Cool side note, his grandmother edited his first book. You never know who in your immediate circle can help you.

Wisdom nuggets:

“When you’re able to tease yourself, it exudes confidence”

“we worry about our imperfections, but they often make us stand out”

Michael drops a pretty sweet deal on this episode so you don’t want to miss it 🙂

Click here  to check out Michael’s new book “The Gym of Life” that just came out on February 11th, 2016

Tomorrow we talk Erik Kruger, a lifestyle entrepreneur in South Africa – and he shares some incredible insights – stay tuned!

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