Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 026 - Get Comfortable With Yourself - Michael Unks
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Get Comfortable With Yourself.

Michael Unks the author of One Month Willpower: A Simple System For Life-Changing Transformation, shows others how they can live incredible, fulfilling lives and reach their potential. Michael graduated from the South Carolina College of Pharmacy in May 2015 at the age of 24. He dramatically changed his outlook in his last year of pharmacy school with help from his teacher, Will:

An introduction to the teachings of Zig Ziggler.


Things he struggled with and overcame:

was teased growing up and felt like he had to do something to prove people wrong, show to he was worthy, he was in peak shape, he was in the top of his class in graduate school but he was still depressed and unhappy. It wasn’t until that fateful conversation with one of his teachers in his last year of graduate school.

People said he was shy, so he realized he just needed to practice more. He set a goal to talk to 5 new people every single day. He uses the conversations he has at work with individuals coming in for medication to train his conversation muscles.

The first time he had a chance to speak in front of a group of people, he was filled with gratitude spoke from the heart of how much he wanted to give from his heart. He wanted to give pure value for the audience and take nothing in return. Because his mindset was one of gratitude and of giving, everyone loved the talk.

“no one can make you inferior without your consent” – Eleanor Roosevelt

How to approach other people’s negative energy:

You only feel bad about the words people attach to you if you allow yourself to feel bad. When you feel more comfortable about yourself, you stop judging others. You start to focus on what you like about people, instead of the negative.

“It only takes one person to see the greatness in you to bring out the greatness in themselves” – Michael Unks


On happiness: You can give yourself happiness right now if you allow it to come into your life mentally

“the goal should not be to look at work and play separate, it’s to combine the two to become simply living” – Richard Branson

On failures: Look at failures as a way to lead you down your right path. They’re not the end of the world.

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Tomorrow we talk about Michael’s experience as an author – stay tuned!

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