Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 025 – I Bought His Future – Jason Zook
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I Bought His Future.

Jason Zook – is not your typical entrepreneur. He strives on producing innovative ideas that most people would think, “there’s no way that would work!” and he has been highly successful because of it. His most recent project? He’s selling his future.  And yes, I bought it. If you’re interested about how someone could sell their future, I encourage you to listen in. Buckle up because your about to enter the world of Jason Zook.

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On today’s episode we talk about:

Reducing Stress in a digital age


Buying his future

Pros & Cons of social media

Check out Jason’s 30 Day Detox


Drum roll please……

How did I buy Jason’s future? for two weeks last year, people were able to buy into Jason FOR LIFE.  Crazy right? Currently, he has 14 existing products, services, apps, that cost around $5,000 in total value. For any future project he creates, I will never pay him another dollar. Traditionally when we think of investing, we think of investing money in something like  stock or retirement account. With Jason, we are investing money into the knowledge Jason is providing to help increase our own knowledge. Although he can’t guarantee a financial return, if you apply the courses/knowledge that Jason provides it’s possible you can make money. The fun part about Buy My Future is the community and also… who knows what Jason could create ten years from now!! Buy My Future will be released again most likely in September of 2016. If you want to know more about when it goes live, CLICK HERE and sign up for the newsletter for updates.

Click here to learn more about Jason Zook

See you tomorrow on the Sunday Fireside Chat – stay tuned!

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