Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 024 - Comfort Zones Are Quick Sand - Jason Zook
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Comfort Zones Are Quick Sand.

Jason Zook – is not your typical entrepreneur. He strives on producing innovative ideas that most people would think, “there’s no way that would work!” and he has been highly successful because of it. His most recent project? He’s selling his future.  And yes, I bought it. If you’re interested about how someone could sell their future, I encourage you to listen in. Buckle up because your about to enter the world of Jason Zook.

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On today’s episode we talk about:

Why entrepreneurship

His interesting projects: I wear your Shirt, Buy My Last Name & Buy My Future

Getting out of comfort zones

What Jason became an entrepreneur: Sitting at corporate desk job after 2 & 1/2 years, he picked up Set Godin’s book “The Purple Cow” and realized he was meant for more than a 9-5 desk job. He quickly went to work with a friend crafting a plan for six months that would change his life forever.

Things to pay attention to in this episode:

A life changing lunch over a burger

He is on his sixth last name

His last name he now holds, Zook, has great meaning to him

On Fear:

Learn to love the fear of taking action. The fear will continue to be easier to handle the more you take action. Do something consistently for thirty days. Showing up consistently breeds confidence.

More of Jason’s thoughts:

“nothing I’ve done in business is as scary as walking into a high school cafeteria 4 times over”

“I should be creating these crazy ideas, doing these interesting things, and putting them into the world”

“You see the dividends as you start putting things out consistently, that’s where all the confidence comes from”

Books mentioned:

The Purple Cow by Seth Godin

The Obstacles Way by Ryan Holiday

Click here to learn more about Jason Zook

Tomorrow we talk with Jason about buying his future – stay tuned!

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