Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 023 - How To Be More Charismatic - Derek Loudermilk
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How to be more Charismatic.

Derek Loudermilk – a former professional cyclist and scientist turned full-time traveler and adventurer. He hosts one of the top rated self-help podcasts, The Art of Adventure. The podcast focuses on how to do something that has never been done before in entrepreneurship, global exploration, and physical performance.

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On today’s episode we talk about:

Derek’s core values

How do we define happiness

How do we build charisma

What fulfills Derek as a coach: Helping someone build the framework of the steps they need to take to find the ideas they inside of them from the start. He gives them permission to take risk in their lives.

Key thoughts from Derek:

“A big part of adventure is how we contribute to the world”

“finding what makes you happy is a large experiment you run on your life”

“once you go deeper into something you’re interested in, the passion grows”

“If you don’t know where the bar is, you may not jump that high”

On Charisma:

Research from Harvard: Anxiety/nervousness is the same physical state as excitement. One can transform their state of anxiety into excitement by saying out loud “I’m excited! let’s get excited!” instead of “I need to calm down”

Internal cues:

Start with self acceptance

Be okay with making mistakes

When you’re in a difficult situation (like speaking in front of a crowd) visualize the people who love you

External cues:

How do people perceive you physically

Auditory: You can vary the pacing of your speech (speak firm sentences and end strong)

Put your body in powerful body postures

Amy Cuddy’s Ted Talk on the power of body posture

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Tomorrow we talk with Jason Zook. P.S. I bought his future. – stay tuned!

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