Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 021 - Mindfulness not Mindlessness - Mike Margolies
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Mindfulness not Mindlessness.

Mike Margolies wasn’t always an expert in mental toughness. Growing up, he viewed himself as a “failed athlete”. He bounced from sport to sport because he lacked the self confidence necessary to stick it out and push past failures. As life went on, Mike realized there had to be a better way to coaching. He took up a masters degree in sports science and psychology and for over three decades, has taught athletes that mental toughness is nothing more than a skill to be learned. Mike has taught at four Universities and completed research at the United States Olympic Training Center. He speaks about Mental Toughness training, Emotional Intelligence, the Use of Imagery and why you need to train mentally to be successful in life. He now works with athletes and business professional exclusively through Mental Training Inc. in Dallas Texas. He studied under or mentored by some of the most prominent names in sport psychology, including Bruce Ogilvie, Ken Ravizza, and Bob Rotella.

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How do you have a successful day?

Through the power of organization, you can set up your day for success.

How to apply it:

Make a list, look at it the night before, discipline yourself to what needs to be done

For mike, he has only missed three appointments with clients in the last three decades of coaching thanks to his emphasis on organization and mindfulness

“If it’s not in my calendar it doesn’t happen today” – Mike Margolies

Key thoughts from Mike:

Meditation is powerful – it will increase your mindfulness

You have to be mindful when your with your loved ones – not just in business

You can be your own accountability partner – don’t overlook the power of the calendar

Mindfulness over Mindlessness

Mindfulness is the KEY and ANSWER to applying all the tools we have like relaxation, visualization, confidence building etc.

Side conversation: The “wonderlic” test – do you know what it is?

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Tomorrow the host of the Art of Adventure podcast, Derek Loudermilk takes us on a trip around the world – stay tuned!

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