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Mental Toughness Can Be Taught.

Mike Margolies wasn’t always an expert in mental toughness. Growing up, he viewed himself as a “failed athlete”. He bounced from sport to sport because he lacked the self confidence necessary to stick it out and push past failures. As life went on, Mike realized there had to be a better way to coaching. He took up a masters degree in sports science and psychology and for over three decades, has taught athletes that mental toughness is nothing more than a skill to be learned. Mike has taught at four Universities and completed research at the United States Olympic Training Center. He speaks about Mental Toughness training, Emotional Intelligence, the Use of Imagery and why you need to train mentally to be successful in life. He now works with athletes and business professional exclusively through Mental Training Inc. in Dallas Texas. He studied under or mentored by some of the most prominent names in sport psychology, including Bruce Ogilvie, Ken Ravizza, and Bob Rotella.

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How do you motivate yourself?

With anything in life we have to approach mental toughness in small increments so that we set ourselves up for success.

Greatest lesson one of his mentors taught him:

Things like the ability to handle stress, to stay focused, our confidence – they are nothing more than skills that can be learned

Interesting fact: According to research we have 60-70 thousand thoughts a day.

Key thoughts from Mike:

“if you don’t have the right mental framework – alright, let’s just change that, and make it work”

“What are you saying to yourself that’s either boosting your self performance or tearing it down”

“We must learn to control the controllables”

“if something happens outside of your control, learn to let that go”

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Tomorrow we talk more about Mental Toughness with Mike Margolies

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