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Trickle Down Transformation Doesn’t Work

Jonathan is the co-founder of refound, a management and leadership coaching organization dedicated to helping managers and employees enact change from the inside and out and former CEO of EMyth (the company that brought us the wonderful books The EMyth and The EMyth Revisited).

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Why doesn’t Trickle Down Transformation work?

As humans we aren’t honest with ourselves usually. We can’t see what we can’t see

This tends to happen with leadership roles.

Trickle Down Transformation creates an “us vs. them” mentality

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Traditional business model: Coaches would only talk to the CEO, only train the CEO. That was the focus and then the information would “trickle down”

The Refound Model: If you put relationships first, you’re not ignoring the business. You must nurture, care and focus on relationships but also raise your awareness to how you may be contributing to a source of conflict.

Why is delegation hard?

1) It comes down to personal values

2) There is an internal psychological pivot – it’s uncomfortable at first

3) We wait for safety when there isn’t a risk that someone won’t screw it up

4) We get attached to the feeling of the known and the comfort zone

How does your book apply to family and love relationships?

1) For parents there is a super hero persona they all will try to take on

2) the book reminds you that you don’t have to take on every problem yourself

3) Parents must allow their kids to fail and make mistakes

“Parenting has to be less about what we do and more about who we are” – Jonathan Raymond

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