Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 018 - In Life, Relationships Are Crucial - Jonathan Raymond
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In Life, Relationships Are Crucial.

Jonathan is the co-founder of refound, a management and leadership coaching organization dedicated to helping managers and employees enact change from the inside and out and former CEO of EMyth (the company that brought us the wonderful books The EMyth and The EMyth Revisited).

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Growing up, Jonathan always thought the world could be better. He observed how people treated each other and reflected that there had to be a better way.

“The way we’re doing things now isn’t working…so why not” – Jonathan Raymond

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Traditional business model: Deeply focused on the owner, the CEO. If we help the CEO, the business will change. It makes a little sense but it ignores the complexity of human relationships.

The Refound Model: If you put relationships first, you’re not ignoring the business. You must nurture, care and focus on relationships but also raise your awareness to how you may be contributing to a source of conflict.

Why are relationships NOT focused on in business?

1) Conditioning – Traditionally, business is about the tangible (i.e. profits)

2) We don’t know how to do it

As humans – when we don’t know how to do something we avoid it or default to our comfort zone

When assessing a relationship it’s important to: Not ignore the warning signs and continually check in on how values are lined up

Jonathan’s thoughts on the idea of “contribution” in business:

It’s important for example to do things like fair trade and think of a higher contribution outside the business. However, don’t forget about impact within the business. Don’t forget about the people who are working within the business, their concerns, their aspirations.

Tomorrow we will talk about this idea of trickle down transformation and also Jonathan’s Book that comes out on May 1st – Good Authority Book 

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