Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 017 - Master Your Thoughts, Master Your Life - Igor Kheifets
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Master Your Thoughts, Master Your Life.

Igor Kheifets is a prime example of someone following the entrepreneurial dream. Igor was fed up with the 9-5 model and decided to start his own online marketing business. He went years without seeing any money but he kept pushing forward and he made sure that he set a clear goal:

What does Igor do?

As an information marketer he sells information.

Click here for Igor’s website

How do we as humans view information?

A precious commodity

How do you sell information successfully?

You need to learn how to connect with a group of people who have a problem and be the person that has the specific solution for them.

We must move from consumers to producers

When taking on a challenge in life, how do we over come fear of failure?

In our mind, the alternative to not taking action must be pain.

Thoughts on visualization:

“If you think it, remember, we don’t control the result”

“We need to focus on ourselves, the preparation we put in”

Overarching thoughts

When you improve personal relationships you improve professional relationships

Happiness = constant growth / constant improvement

What does Igor want to be remembered for?

For being a role model for the younger and older generations. For someone who started out poor, having no skills, knowledge or clue. For someone who molded their life to the image they saw within themselves.

Click here for Igor’s website

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