Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 016 - Be Successful Even When You're Not - Igor Kheifets
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Be Successful Even When You’re Not.

Igor Kheifets is a prime example of someone following the entrepreneurial dream. Igor was fed up with the 9-5 model and decided to start his own online marketing business. He went years without seeing any money but he kept pushing forward and he made sure that he set a clear goal:

“without setting a clear goal, there’s no way your internal GPS system will take you towards that destination” – Igor Kheifets

When things got tough – Igor kept pushing forward.

When he was building his business, there were plenty of times he wanted to quit. There were plenty of times that he had to drag himself out of bed.

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Huge lesson about starting an online business:

He had to be successful in his own mind even when he wasn’t making money

For three years he didn’t really see any profit 

Igor’s thoughts on finances:

“You can be happy or miserable no matter what level of income you’re at”

“it’s all in how you perceive things”

Things that Igor considers thinking about the word “success”:

All successful people set goals

Success doesn’t last – you have to keep setting new goals

Progress makes us happy

It’s the realization of the “process” of the goal, not the actual “achievement” of the goal

He realized that his happiest moments regarding success was that he was providing for his family and it allowed him more time freedom to spend it with them. He realized that he really wasn’t motivated by material things like he thought he would have been once he achieved financial success.

Join us tomorrow for another interview with Igor where we talk more about her current work.

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