Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 015b - Serve Your Community, Serve Others - Danielle Boose
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Today is day 2 with Danielle Boose the,  “mother, warrior, visionary, lifetime learner, survivor, and overall badass chick” Yesterday we heard how she has uses the difficult moments in her life as teachable moments for other young women who are or have gone through the same things she went through. We learned about Danielle’s not for profit and today we’re going to hear a little bit more about Danielle’s work and how she’s also inspiring and teaching other’s to be entrepreneurs.

Some key things we will learn on today’s episode:

Danielle’s experience with teaching

How she leverages technology in the classroom

A mentor that changed her life

A local fund raising event that took place this past Feb 6th to help local businesses

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Notes from yesterday’s interview:

What did Danielle do with all the difficult things she went through in life?

She flipped the script and inspires others with her story so they can avoid the paths she had taken.

Listen in and learn about the woman behind:


Huge lessons about her own teen pregnancy:

She wasn’t going to give her child a life of positivity

She took her own story of sexual assault, of teen pregnancy, from growing up with a single mom, to walking down paths that others couldn’t follow… she took and found the light at the end of the tunnel. She now is able to powerfully share her own story and help other young women going through the same struggles.

It’s not uncommon for Danielle to have a conversation with a young woman about her mental health.

Things that Danielle told us to consider regarding someone struggling with mental illness:

Help them seek support

They need to understand what they’re going through is:

A current circumstance // state // feeling

Danielle will tell someone:

“what you’re going through, it won’t last forever – don’t let this feeling cause you to do something you can’t change”

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Click here for Danielle’s website

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