Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 014 - Transparency & Process - Alex Charfen
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Alex Charfen didn’t fit in growing up. Through the lessons he learned coupled with a burning desire to make a difference in the world, Alex Charfen became an internationally known consultant who has personally worked with billionaires and fortune 500 companies. In addition, Alex and his wife became very successful in the realm of real estate. Today, he takes us through a difficult time in his life a few years back, bankruptcy.

What were the two words that resonated with him and his wife to work through the struggle?

Transparency & Process.

Listen in and learn about the man behind:


What he never expected about bankruptcy:

Although he consulted others on bankruptcy, he was never prepared for how challenging and damaging it would be emotionally

Huge lessons about bankruptcy:

Yes, he would have liked to avoid it, but what he learned was

the only metric moving backwards is money and it’s just been reset to zero. 

His wife reminded him to be grateful during this difficult time

Relationship Rules:

1) Our relationships are the most important factor of our lives

2) Transparency is key

When you have transparency you can work through any other problems in life like those affecting you professionally


“I won’t rest until there’s not another kid that ever feels broken, because they don’t read like everyone else, talk like everyone else, look like everyone else, or sound like everyone else

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