Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 007: What You Make You Become - Erin Smith
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This week I talk with the one and only Erin Smith, of The Starters Club about corporate life, the ups and downs of building a business and why we all need to consider this thought: Are we making money while we’re on vacation? Erin is a courageous, transparent and business savvy woman and I’m honored that she joined us on the Positivity Effect.


Why she founded The Starters Club?

  • Long story of realizing corporate life wasn’t the ultimate goal
  • Own what you’re doing
  • Through her own path of building a few businesses
  • Wanted to help people not just start but also be profitable and learn the fundamentals
  • Entrepreneurship: You just have to start. The whole path will never just show up for you.

Benefit of having a positive outlook

  • Positivity is the only way to succeed
  • Story from her local pastor about the roots of the word Imagination
    • Derived from the word Image
    • Means “I make” so “I become”

Method to control negative self talk

  • Make it a point to meditate every single day
  • Gives her increased awareness to negative thoughts
  • Allows her to shut those thoughts off

Erin runs towards difficult moments that scare her rather than running away from them

During the peak of one of her businesses, she got pregnant. Although very scary, she courageously sorted it out


  • Looked up to a lot of people
  • Never had a direct mentor that held her accountable

Soul Food

  • Her Favorite corporate job was one where she could control her own destiny
  • With her kids, she will push college but if her children’s dreams don’t involve college, as long as they’re motivated, she will fully support them
  • Biggest pressure to get over in life, “Who are you to do XYZ”
  • Positive changes happened in her life and business when she made the commitment to read a book a week


  • Grateful for the opportunities to do coaching and speaking through The Starters Club

Book that transformed her life:

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